H Project undertakes any proposal with musical content. Fresh concepts, new ideas, and extending communications to educate the public, research, recording, performing, and working with composers. Collaborations include academic, federal and state agencies, local, state, national, and international business, the arts, drama, dance, and more.

H Project will seek sponsors and grant funding to commission new works and arrangements for public performance.


Proceeds will be used to further the mission of H Project, including commissioning, training, master classes, and mentoring programs.

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"I've always wanted the H Project to be a mixed configuration, 2 players, 10 players, and everything in between, to be compelling, and burning, and fun, and cool, with no fear to be simply gorgeous, and the next moment monstrous and grotesque, if it has to be. The whole story told with eloquence and grace, and with raw power emotionally charged with life. "
Hank Hehmsoth

Integral to H Project's work is a series of collaborations with many of the world's foremost art, education, and high tech foundations and enterprises. Covering a wide gamut of world music, new classical, latin and more, here are some highlights.



“Two Desert Dances -
Arroyo Storm - Blue Moon Mist”

© Time/Space Fabrics 2010
The University of New Mexico (UNM) Robb Trust.

*winner: 2011 MacDowell Fellowship national award in music composition.

These two dances are performed live with 60 year old field recordings of New Mexico Native Americans Indians.

listen to an excerpt:




Hank Hehmsoth coodinated with the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Association of Supevisors of Mathematics, and the Texas Concil of Teachers in Mathematics to provide corollaries in math and music in several presentations during the three day conference.


H Project leader and composer won top honors with a string quartet, “X-trusions- a déjà vu in 4D.” The piece was performed during the International Joint Conference on Latin-American and Modern Music, held Feb. 26-27.

*1st Place in the 2010 National Association of Composers, USA, Texas Composition Competition.

listen to an excerpt:




sponsored by the NARAS Foundation, Inc.

Citywide Austin high schoolers attended.



2009 COMPOSITION AND RECORDING: “Theme from Carlos' n Charlie's” for the Texas State Panorama Steel Band Ensemble © Time/Space Fabrics 2009 Latin Jazz for steel drum band.

*winner Special Recognition Honorable Mention award by the 2010 Jazz Composers Orchestra Institute, Center for Jazz Studies, Columbia University, affiliate of the American Composers Orchestra

composed by Hank Hehmsoth

listen to an excerpt:




H Project ensemble leader Hank Hehmsoth and Texas Music Office Director Casey Monahan, combined efforts in 2007 providing music and assistance to Cirque Du Soleil in its first ever visit in Texas. A week of music tryouts with auditions from South America, Mexico, and the Southwestern US and ages from 15 to 75 competed for principal performers in the world famous circus.


casino H Project members recorded music for “Casino” – Microsoft game for the PC – which features Big Band jazz from actual Las Vegas resorts, including The Mirage, Treasure Island at the Mirage and Bellagio Resorts.

a Paul Baker music production

paramount2001 “Jesus Christ SuperStar - New Millenium” for the Paramount Theater/Broadway Across America national tour

Modernization and arangements for the 1970's iconic play, revitalized for the turn of the century, and new millenium.

New 2001 musical arrangements by Hank Hehmsoth


us parkH Project members recorded 1999 “Documentary Film – Lady Bird Johnson” – birth, life, state and national contributions of Lady Bird Johnson. – commissioned by the U.S. National Park Service (runs hourly at the Johnson National Historical Park, Johnson City, Tx.)

Composed by Hank Hehmsoth



walkH Project members performed in 1996 “Walk With Me” – new musical play – music and lyrics by Hank Hehmsoth. A musical play dealing with the medieval practice of walking religious labyrinths as an ancient meditation tool. World Premier - Mary Mooden North Theatre / Melba Martinez Director.

Composed by Hank Hehmsoth



ritu“Ritú Del Sol Andes: Diem” a ballet of world music for Andean Flutes and Tribal drums – commissioned by Ballet Austin, performed by the Kinesis Dance/Theatre Project, director and choreographer Toni Bravo. World Premier - Mary Mooden Theater, Austin, TX

Composed by Hank Hehmsoth


strat1999 "Austin Computer Expo/Fair" - sponsored by Strait Music Company, Austin/Texas. Composer/Performing Artist Hank Hehmsoth performed a new composition "Blade Traffic" live with computer music interface.