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Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: When will H-Project be performing in my area?
A: Click here for the current performance schedule.

Q: Does the H-Project Organization accept charitable donations?
A: As a non-profit charitable organization, H-Project relies on financial contributions from individuals, foundations, corporations and, government agencies. Click here to find out how you can donate.

Q: Do you accept unsolicited compositions?
A: H-Project does accept unsolicited compositions, but note that any material submitted will not be returned. Although scores are acceptable, recordings are much preferred. Please send your package here:

H Project Performing Arts Association
att: Hank Hehmsoth
2009 Rabb Glen
Austin, TX 78704

(Sorry, we don’t listen to submissions online.)
Because of the volume of submissions, we cannot acknowledge receipt of your package. Please include your contact information, so that we can reach you if there are questions.

Q: Can I get sheet music for [any number of pieces]?
email Hank at:

Q: Where can I find the publisher?
If you have a recording, check the CD booklet or the face of the CD itself, as the publisher should be listed. You can try searching the ASCAP and BMI databases for contact information.

Q: How do I get information about booking the
H-Project Ensemble?
Please contact us for more information.

Q: Can I use H-Project's music in my film/dance performance/commercial?
Please contact us for more information.

Q: How do I set up an interview with H-Project/Hank Hehmsoth?
Please contact us for more information.

Q: Can I receive H-Project CDs for radio play/giveaways?
Please contact us for more information.